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Take part

Started from a simple Idea

Every one of us knows someone who has suffered due to illness, passed away, or is in need of help.  It is these people who help, the charities that work daily to help others.

Why cannot we help them with one act of kindness.

This idea was created by Fiona Doyle and her brother Adrian Duffy ,with the aim to raise awareness to charities in need and give people the incentive to take part and take action. 

No one has ever become poor from giving.

Pick your Charity

Pick the charity of your choice, and contact us to get your headshave listed on our website

Set a Date

Set a date a few months in advance when you will shave your head, this will give you time to gather as many donations as possible.

Set up your Donation Page

Set up your profile page on 

Spread the word

Share on social media, email, tell your friends and family, and get donations


One Act of kindness

Start your own headshave

Make a Difference

Everyone can take part and help the charity of their choosing. 

You can donate to an existing Shave for Good event,

Or start your own #shaveforgood event, pick any charity you wish,  organise the date, and start gathering donations.